Switch Bank Checklist

Remember: You will need to notify everyone with access to your account that you have moved to Raymond Federal Bank. Print this list and use it as a guideline, we encourage you to follow up with your contacts

1.  After changing to "The Best Deal in Town" - RFB checking account, make note of this basic information:

Choose your Branch Location

2.  Stop using your previous checking account. However, leave enough funds in the old account to cover the outstanding checks and other payments scheduled that have not yet cleared the account.

3.  Change all automatic payments, withdrawals and online bill payments to your new RFB account and set up your Free RFB Bill Pay.

4.  Redirect your payroll, retirement, social security or other direct deposits to your new RFB account. Contact those companies directly. You can call Social Security directly from your RFB branch.

5.  Contact anyone who charged your previous bank's check card and ask them to charge all future payments to your new RFB check card.

6.  Destroy checks, ATM/check cards, and deposit slips from your old account.

7.  Close your account with your previous financial institution when all outstanding items have cleared.

Don't hesitate to call or visit your local RFB Branch office should you need help with anything. Click here to print some additional forms to assist you in the switch process.