Convenience Services

Debit Cards

All checking accounts are eligible to apply for a Free MasterCard Debit card. Upon approval, this card provides cash withdrawals from checking accounts at ATM networks. It can also be used to make purchases in person, online or via the telephone and the purchase is deducted from the checking account. 

To report a lost or stolen debit card, after hours, or any fraudulent activity please call our Fraud Prevention Service  at 1-833-337-6075 to identify fraudulent transactions.  From time to time you may receive a call from them to confirm the validity of transactions that appear as if they could be fraud.  Until the transactions are confirmed to be genuine, your card will be temporarily blocked.

The card activation number is 1-800-992-3808.

Card Valet Access

We are pleased to offer our Debit Card customers with smart phones some great new enhancements through Card Valet Access.  There are many alerts that can be set so notification messages are received when specified transactions take place.  With this app come the ability to turn the card on and off, should it be lost or misplaced , You are in control! Click Here for a PDF document of Getting Started instructions at any branch location.  Download the app today from the applicable app store. 

Elan Credit Card Program

While Raymond Federal Bank does not have its own credit card program, it does offer a program through the Elan Credit Card Program, branded with the Bank’s brand. This offers all of the convenience and protection one anticipates by using a credit card. There are choices to make when selecting the type of credit card program to use. Click on this URL to browse the various credit card products that are available. RFB will be happy to assist you in applying online. The bank reference is important, and this provides an immediate response if the application is approved.

You can reach our 24-Hour Teller from any telephone at these numbers:

(360) 942-3434
1-866-319-3434 (toll free )

Using the 24 Hour Teller, you can:

Each account has been assigned an initial PIN. It is the last 4 digits of the social security number of the IRS owner of the account. You will be prompted to change this PIN on first access to 24 Hour Teller. The PIN should be unique and known only to you. To transfer between accounts, both must have the same PIN.

Call your local branch with any questions.

Global Functions

  • * Star Key: Moves you through the menu
  • * 9: Hang up from 24 Hour
  • * 1 (any time): Restart Current Menu
  • * 2 (any time): Return to Main Menu
  • # Pound Key: Advance to Next Options

Key Functions

  • 1 Account Access to Main Menu

    • - Enter PIN
    • - Change PIN
    • - Introduction to Main Menu
  • 3 Branch Information

  • 7 ATM Card Lost or Stolen

  • 9 Instructions

Main Menu

  • 1 Deposit & Balance Information

    • 1 Balance & Information
    • 2 List of recent deposits (5)
    • 3 Look-up Deposit Amount
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 2 Withdrawal & Balance Information

    • 1 Balance & Information
    • 2 Look-up all Withdrawals
    • 3 Look-up Dollar Amount Withdrawals
    • 4 List Check withdrawals (5)
    • 5 Look-up check or range of checks
    • 6 List Non-Check Withdrawals
    • 7 Look-up Non-check Withdrawals
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 3 Transfer Between Deposit Accounts

    • - Enter account number to transfer from
    • - Enter account number to transfer to
    • - Enter the amount
    • - System verifies what was entered: (1-OK, 2-Retry, 3-Cancel)
  • 4 Loan Information Inquiry

    • - Enter Loan account #
    • - The account has a balance
    • - Last Years interest paid
    • - A payment of __ is due __
    • - This does not include possible late charges
    • - Your last payment was___ on___
    • - Your credit limit is
    • - Your credit limit remaining
    • 1- Enter another Loan #
    • 2- Play Loan Inquiry again
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 5- Loan Payment

    • 1 Make a Loan Payment
    • 2 Make a HELOC Advance
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 6 - Order Statement or Checks

    • 1 To request a statement
    • 2 To Order Checks
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 8 Change PIN

    • 1 Deposit Accounts PIN
    • 2 Loan PIN

    You're the only one who knows your PIN. IF you forget your PIN call the bank, Enter your new 4-digit security code. Security Code changed from xxxx to xxxx.

    System verifies what was entered: (1-OK, 2-Retry, 3-Cancel)

  • 9 Further Options

    • 1 System Instructions
    • 2 Practice Using System
    • 3 Louder Voice
    • 4 Softer Voice
    • 9 Return to Main Menu
  • 0 Transfer Call

    • Please wait while we transfer your call.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A $15 key deposit is required when opening a box, the fee is refunded when the box is closed if all keys are returned.

Sizes available:

  • 3 x 5 ($13 annually)
  • 3 x 10 ($30 annually)
  • 6 x 10 ($50 annually)
  • 9 x 10 ($85 annually)

ATM Locations

ATMs are available when tellers may not be. Get access to your account, any time, any day. All ATMs are Walk Up.

Long Beach Branch
1615 Pacific South
PO Box 1076
Long Beach, WA 98631

202 Duryea Street
PO Box 271
Raymond, WA 98577

South Bend Branch
1000 W Robert Bush Dr.
PO Box 285
South Bend, WA 98586

Your Raymond Federal Debit card provides free access to a nationwide Money Pass Network. Locate the nearest ATM